8track_cassette Schematics and Service Information
for Older 8-Track Players and Cassette Players

8-Track & Cassette Player Schematics

Do you need schematics and service information to repair your vintage eight-track or cassette player? We carry schematics and service data for 8 track tape player recorders and cassette tape player recorders. Service info typically includes detailed alignment instructions, mechanical and electrical adjustments, dial/cord stringing, parts list, photographs, voltage chart table, chassis layout, troubleshooting tips and of course a schematic diagram. Manufacturers Service Data and Sams Photofact information is available for older Domestic and Foreign made 8-track and cassette players See below for a full list of brands.

How to Schematics and Service Information

Just email us the brand, model #, chassis # and year of your vintage Hi-Fi components and we will let you know if we have service info for it. Cost is $19 US or $23 Canadian. The service information ranges from 10 to 40 or more pages. This price includes quality copy service and postage. We accept Paypal and non-paypal credit card payments. You can also pay via check or MO/PO payable to:

Dave and Babylyn Cantelon
6 Ferncrest Gate, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, M1W_1C2

email: justradios@yahoo.com

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Service Information is available for the followiing makes.

Admiral, AGS, Aiwa, Akai, Allied, Altec-Lansing, Arvin, Audio Sonic, Automatic, Bell and Howell, Benjamin, Bradford, Braun, BSR McDonald, Capehart-Dumont, Centrex, Channel Master,CGE - Canadian General Electric, Capital, Catalina, Chrysler, Claricon, Concord, Coronado, Craig, Crown, Curtis Mathes, Decca, Delco, Dynaco, EICO, Ekco, Electrohome, Electophonic, Electrovoice, Elgin, Emerson, Ford, Fisher, General Electric (GE), Goodmans, Gereral Motors, Grundig, Heathkit, Harmon Kardon, Hitachi, ISC, JC Penny, Juliette, JVC, Kenwood, KLM, Lafayette, Lear Jet, Lexington, Lloyds, Magnavox, Marantz, Masterwork, Mayfair, McIntosh, MGA, Mopar, Monicor, Midland, Mitsubishi, Morse/Electrophonic, Motorola, Muntz/Stereo, MX, Nikko, Nivico, Nordmende, Norelco, Noresco, Olympic, Onkyo, Optonica, Orrtronics, Packard Bell, Panasonic, Penncrest, Philco, Philco-Ford, Philips, Pilot, Pioneer, Quad, RCA, Realistic / Radio Shack, Ranger, Realtone, Roberts, Ross, Rotel, Sansui, Sanyo, Sears/Silvertone, Sharp, Sherwood, Simpson-Sears, Sony, Soundesign, Studiotone,Superscope, Sylvania, Symphonic, Tanglewood, Technics, Telex-phonola, Teledyne Packard Bell, Telefunken, Toshiba, Truetone, Universal Tapedex, Viking, Wards Airline, Webcor, Westinghouse, Winthrop, XJL Sound, York and Zenith.

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