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    630V & 400V FILM Capacitors
    & Heat Shrink Tubing
        ELECTROLYTIC Capacitors
    (Axial, Radial and Cans)
        Silver MICA, High Voltage
    & Safety Capacitors
    uF(MFD) /Voltage & Price US$'s Qty. Total ($) uF(MFD) /Voltage & Price US$'s Qty. Total ($) pF (MMFD) /Voltage & Price US$ Qty. Total ($)
    Metal-Foil Polypropylene Film
    "Orange/Brown Dip" Capacitors
        25V Electrolytic Capacitors     500V 5% Dipped Silver Mica Capacitors    
    0.001uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.39     10uF 25V axial ... in_stock$0.49     1pF, 2pF, 3pF, 4pF
    5pF, 6pF, 7pF, 8pF
    0.0012uF 630V …..in_stock$0.39     20uF 25V axial ... in_stock$0.65     15pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.0015uF 630V …..in_stock$0.39     25uF 25V axial ... in_stock$0.59     18pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.0018uF 630V …..in_stock$0.39     50uF 25V axial ... in_stock$0.59     20pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.002uF 630V.……in_stock$0.49     1200uF 25V radial.in_stock$1.69     22pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.0022uF 630V …..in_stock$0.39     1800uF 25V radial.in_stock$1.69     24pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.0027uF 630V ….in_stock$0.43     3000uF 25V axial.in_stock$2.99     25pF ..in_stock$1.29    
    0.003uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.43     5000uF axial or 8200 radialin_stock$3.79     27pF ..in_stock$1.29    
    0.0033uF 630V …..in_stock$0.39     10000uF 35V axial.in_stock$6.99 ..   30pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.0039uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.39     50V Electrolytic ..   33pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.004uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.43     .47uF 50V axial ...in_stock$0.59     33pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.0047uF 630V .....in_stock$0.39     1uF 50V axial ......in_stock$0.59     39pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.005uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.49     2.2uF 50V axial .. in_stock$0.59     40pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.0056uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.39     3.3uF 50V axial .. in_stock$0.59     43pF ..... Out    
    0.006uF 630V …....in_stock$0.49     5uF 50V axial ..... in_stock$0.59     47pF ..in_stock$1.29    
    0.0068uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.39     6.8uF 50V axial ...in_stock$0.59     50pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.0082uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.39     10uF 50V axial ... in_stock$0.59     51pF ...... Out    
    0.0088uF 630V …..in_stock$0.39     25uF 50V axial ... in_stock$0.69     56pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    . ..   33uF 50V axial ....in_stock$0.59     62pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    ... ..   47uF 50V axial ....in_stock$0.59     68pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    -- ..   50uF 50V axial ....in_stock$0.69     70pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    Metalized Polyester Film
    "Orange/Brown Dip" Capacitors
    ..   68uF 50V axial ....in_stock$0.69     75pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.01uF 630V ……..in_stock$0.39     100uF 50V axial ..in_stock$0.85     82pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.012uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.39     150uF 50V axial ..in_stock$0.85     95pF ..in_stock$0.99    
    0.015uF 630V ……in_stock$0.39     220uF 50V axial ..in_stock$0.99     100pF .in_stock$1.19    
    0.018uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.39     250uF 50V axial ..in_stock$1.19     110pF .in_stock$1.39    
    0.02uF 630V ……..in_stock$0.49     330uF 50V axial ..in_stock$1.19     120pF .in_stock$1.29    
    0.022uF 630V ……in_stock$0.44     500uF 50V axial ..in_stock$1.49     130pF .in_stock$1.19    
    0.022uF 630V ……in_stock$0.44     1000uF 50V axial.in_stock$2.49     150pF .in_stock$1.29    
    0.022uF 630V ……in_stock$0.44     1500uF 50V axial .in_stock$3.49     160pF .in_stock$1.19    
    0.022uF 630V ……in_stock$0.44     2200uF 50V axial .in_stock$4.49     180pF .in_stock$1.19    
    0.022uF 630V ……in_stock$0.44     3300uF 50V axial .in_stock$5.49     200pF .in_stock$1.39    
    0.027uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.44     5000uF 63V or 6800uF 50V axial .in_stock$6.99     240pF .in_stock$1.19    
    0.03uF 630V ……..in_stock$0.44     100 Volt Bi-Polar (aka Non-Polar)
    Electrolytic Capacitors

    1uF,1.5uF,2.2uF in_stock$0.99; 3.3uF,4.7uF,6.8uF,10uF
    15uF in_stock$1.49; 22uF,33uF in_stock$1.99; 47uF,68uF in_stock$2.99
    100uF in_stock$3.49; 150uF in_stock$4.49; 220uF in_stock$5.99
    ..   250pF .in_stock$1.19    
    0.033uF 630V ……in_stock$0.44     160V Electrolytic     270pF .in_stock$1.19    
    0.039uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.44     4uF 160V axial ... in_stock$0.99     300pF .in_stock$1.19    
    0.04uF 630V ……..in_stock$0.44     1uF,2.2uF,3.3uF,4.7uF,6.8uF,10uF 160V radial in_stock$0.55     330pF .in_stock$1.19    
    0.047uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.44     10uF 160 axial....in_stock$0.89     350pF .in_stock$1.39    
    0.05uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.49     15uF 160V radial in_stock$0.75     360pF .in_stock$1.39    
    0.056uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.46     15uF 200V radial in_stock$0.79     390pF .in_stock$1.39    
    0.06uF 630V …..…in_stock$0.49     8uF, 12uF, 16uF or 20uF 160V axial in_stock$1.29     400pF .in_stock$1.59    
    0.06uF 630V …..…in_stock$0.49     22uF 160V radial in_stock$0.75     400pF .in_stock$1.39    
    0.068uF 630V ……in_stock$0.46     22uF 160V axial . in_stock$0.99     470pF .in_stock$1.39    
    0.082uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.46     25uF 160V axial ..in_stock$1.39     500pF .in_stock$1.39    
    0.09uF 630V ….…Out     30uF 160V axial ..in_stock$1.39     510pF .in_stock$1.69    
    0.1uF 630V ……...in_stock$0.49     33uF 160V radial in_stock$0.99     560pF .in_stock$1.69    
    0.12uF 630V ……..in_stock$0.59     33uF 160V axial ..in_stock$1.29     600pF .in_stock$1.69    
    0.15uF 630V (brown) in_stock$0.65     40uF 160V axial or radialin_stock$1.69     680pF .in_stock$1.69    
    0.18uF 630V ……..in_stock$0.69     47uF 160V axial..in_stock$1.39     700pF .in_stock$1.69    
    0.2uF 630V ……..in_stock$0.79     47uF 160V radial in_stock$1.10     750pF .in_stock$1.69    
    0.22uF 630V (brown). in_stock$0.75     50uF 160V axial..in_stock$1.89     800pF .in_stock$1.69    
    0.25uF 630V (brown). in_stock$0.79     60uF 160V axial..in_stock$1.99     820pF .in_stock$1.69    
    0.27uF 630V ……..in_stock$0.89     68uF 160V radial in_stock$1.90     900pF .in_stock$1.69    
    0.3uF 630V …….,...Out     68uF 160V axial . in_stock$1.95     910pF .in_stock$1.69    
    0.33uF 630V ……..in_stock$0.89     80uF 160V axial. in_stock$2.59     950pF .in_stock$1.95    
    0.39uF 630V ……..in_stock$0.98     100uF 160V radial in_stock$1.89     1000pF in_stock$1.69    
    0.47uF 630V ......... in_stock$0.99     100uF 160V axial.in_stock$2.25     1100pF in_stock$2.49    
    0.5uF 630V (brown)... in_stock$0.99     150uF 160V axial.in_stock$2.89     1200pF in_stock$2.49    
    1.0uF 630V (brown)... in_stock$1.29     200uF 160V axial.in_stock$2.99     1300pF in_stock$2.99    
    Metalized Polypropylene Film
    "Tubular Axials"
    ..   250V Electrolytic ..   1500pF, 1600pF
    1700pF, 1800pF, 2000pF
    2130pF,2200pF,2400pF,2500pF in_stock$2.99
    0.0005uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59 ..   4.7uF or 10uF 250V axial in_stock$0.99     2700pF in_stock$3.19    
    0.001uF 630V axial...in_stock$0.59     22uF 250V axial in_stock$1.59     3000pF in_stock$3.19    
    0.0015uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59     33uF 250V axial in_stock$1.79     3300pF in_stock$3.59    
    0.002uF 630V axial...in_stock$0.59     33uF 250V axial in_stock$1.69     3600pF in_stock$3.79    
    0.0022uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59     47uF 250V radial in_stock$1.65     3900pF in_stock$3.79    
    0.0025uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59     50uF 250V axial in_stock$2.69     4000pF in_stock$4.39    
    0.003uF 630V axial..in_stock$0.59     68uF 250V radial in_stock$1.99     4000pF in_stock$4.39    
    0.0033uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59     100uF 250V axial in_stock$2.99     4700pF in_stock$4.39    
    0.0035uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59     220uF 250V axial ..in_stock$4.59 ..   5000pF in_stock$4.39    
    0.004uF 630V axial..in_stock$0.59     . ..   6800pF in_stock$6.99    
    0.0047uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59     350V Electrolytic ..   8200pF in_stock$8.49    
    0.005uF 630V axial...in_stock$0.59     4.7uF 350V radial in_stock$0.75     10000pF in_stock$11.99    
    0.006uF 630V axial..in_stock$0.59     6.8uF 350V radial Out     2% Precision 500V Silver Mica
    27pF, 30pF, 33pF, 36pF
    39pF, 40pF, 43pF, 47pF in_stock$1.99
    0.0068uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59     10uF 350V axial .in_stock$1.19     1% Precision 500V Silver Mica    
    0.007uF 630V axial..in_stock$0.59     16uF 350V axial in_stock$1.69     50pf,51pF,56pF,62pF,68pF,75pF,82pF
    1% Precision Tolerance 500V Mica
    0.008uF 630V axial..in_stock$0.59     22uF 350V axial in_stock$1.99     240pf,250pF,270pF,300pF,330pF,350pF,360pF
    1% Precision Tolerance 500V Mica in_stock$3.49
    Metalized Polyester Film
    "Tubular Axials"
    ..   33uF 350V axial.in_stock$2.25     600pf,620pF,680pF,700pF,750pF,
    1% Precision Tolerance 500V Mica in_stock$3.99
    0.01uF 630V axial...in_stock$0.59     40uf, 47uF or 50uF 350V axialin_stock$2.99     1000V Volt Dipped Silver Mica    
    0.015uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59     50uF 350V axial.. in_stock$2.89     5pF, 10pF, 12pF, 15pF, 18pF
    20pF, 22pF, 25pF, 27pf, 30pF
    33pF, 39pF, 40pF, 47pf, 50pF
    56pF, 62pF, 68pF, 70pf, 75pF
    82pF, 91pF, 110pF at 1000V
    0.02uF 630V axial....in_stock$0.59     450V Electrolytic ..   100pF, 120pF, 130pF, 150pF
    160pF, 180pF, 200pF, 220pf
    240pF, 250pF, 270pF, 300pf
    at 1000V
    0.022uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59     1uF 450V axial ...in_stock$1.19     330pF, 350pF, 360pF, 390pF
    400pF, 430pF, 470pF, 500pf
    560pF at 1000V
    0.025uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59     2uF 450V axial ...in_stock$1.25     600pF, 620pF, 680pF, 700pF
    750pF, 800pF, 820pF, 900pf
    910pF,1000pF at 1000V
    0.03uF 630V axial...in_stock$0.59     2.2uF 450V radial in_stock$0.75     1600V Metalized Polypropylene "Orange Dips"    
    0.033uF 630V axial..in_stock$0.56     3.3uF 450V radial in_stock$0.89     .001uF ..in_stock$0.89    
    0.035uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.56     3.3uF or 4.7uF 450V axial in_stock$1.25     .0015uF in_stock$0.89    
    0.04uF 630V axial...in_stock$0.59     4 uF 450V axial .in_stock$1.59     .0022uF in_stock$0.89    
    0.047uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59     6.8uF 450V radial in_stock$0.99     .0033uF in_stock$0.99    
    0.05uF 630V axial..in_stock$0.65     8uF 450V axial ...in_stock$1.89     .0047uF in_stock$0.99    
    0.06uF 630V axial...in_stock$0.59     10uF 450V radial in_stock$0.99     .0068uF in_stock$0.99    
    0.068uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.59     10uF 450V axial .in_stock$1.79     .0075uF ..Out    
    0.07uF 630V axial...in_stock$0.59     12uF 450V axial .in_stock$1.89     .0082uF in_stock$0.99    
    0.08uF 630V axial...in_stock$0.59     15uF 450V radial in_stock$1.39     .01uF ...in_stock$0.99    
    0.09uF 630V axial...in_stock$0.59     15uF 450V axial .in_stock$1.79     .015uF .in_stock$1.39    
    0.1uF 630V axial....in_stock$0.69     16uF 450V axial .in_stock$1.89     .02uF ...in_stock$1.49    
    0.15uF 630V axial..in_stock$0.79     20uF 450V axial or radial in_stock$2.59     .03uF ...in_stock$1.69    
    0.2uF 630V axial....in_stock$0.89     22uF 450V radial in_stock$1.89     .05uF ...in_stock$2.19    
    0.22uF 630V axial..in_stock$0.89     25uF 450V axial in_stock$2.49     .1uF (brown). in_stock$2.99    
    0.25uF or 0.3uF 630V axialin_stock$0.99     22uF 450V axial .in_stock$2.39     ..    
    0.33uF 630V axial.in_stock$0.89     25uF 450V axial .in_stock$2.49     ..    
    0.4uF or 0.47uF 630V axialin_stock$1.19     30uF 450V axial or radial in_stock$2.99     ..    
    0.5uF or 0.68uF 630V axialin_stock$1.29     33uF 450V radialin_stock $1.99     2000V Metalized Polypropylene "Orange Dip"    
    1.0uF 630V axial....in_stock$1.39     33uF 450V axial ..in_stock$2.89     .1uF ....in_stock$4.49    
    1.5uF 630V axial....in_stock$2.49     40uF 450V axial or radial in_stock$3.59     2000V "Tubular Axial" Met'd Poly Film    
    2.0uF or 2.2uF 630V axialin_stock$2.99     47uF 450V radial in_stock $2.99     1uF ...in_stock$14.99    
    3.0uF 630V axial ....in_stock$3.99     47uF 450V axial ..in_stock$3.59     1000V "Tubular Axial" Met'd Poly Film    
    For sizes greater than 3uF see
    630V & 400V Polypropylene below
        50uF 450V axial ..in_stock$3.99     .001uF axial in_stock$0.99    
    jb JFX Premium Metallized
    Polypropylene (630V tubular axial)
        68uF 450V axial ..in_stock$4.49     .001uF axial in_stock$0.99    
    0.0005uF, 0.001uF, 0.0015uF
    0.002uF, 0.0022uF
    0.004uF, 0.0047uF
    0.005uF, 0.006uF, 0.0068uF
    0.007uF, 0.008uF, 0.0082uF in_stock$0.99
        80uF 450V axial ..in_stock$4.99     .005uF axial in_stock$0.99    
    0.03uF 630V axial in_stock$1.39
        100uF 450V radial in_stock$3.79     .01uF axial . in_stock$0.99    
    630V axial in_stock$1.49
        100uF 450V axial in_stock$4.99     .01uF axial . in_stock$0.99    
    0.1uF 630V axial .in_stock$1.99     120uF 450V axial in_stock$9.99     .01uF axial . in_stock$0.99    
    .15uF 630V axial ....in_stock$2.49     150uF 450V axial in_stock$9.99     .01uF axial . in_stock$0.99    
    .25uF 630V axial ....in_stock$2.49     220uF 450V axial in_stock$9.99     .02uF axial . in_stock$0.99    
    .25uF 630V axial ....in_stock$2.49     500V Electrolytic ..   .05uF axial . in_stock$1.29    
    .33uF 630V axial ....in_stock$2.49     4uF or 6.8uF 500V axialin_stock$2.25     .1uF axial ... in_stock$1.49    
    .33uF 630V axial ....in_stock$2.49     8uF or 10uF 500V axialin_stock$2.49     .1uF axial ... in_stock$1.49    
    .5uF 630V axial ....in_stock$2.99     16uF 500V axial ..in_stock$2.59     .2uF axial ... in_stock$1.95    
    .5uF 630V axial ...in_stock$2.99     20uF 500V axial ....in_stock$3.59     ..    
    .68uF 630V axial ...in_stock$2.99     22uF 500V axial . in_stock$3.59     ..    
    .82uF 630V axial ...in_stock$2.99     30uF or 33uF 500V axialin_stock$3.69     ..    
    1uF 630V axial ...in_stock$2.99     40uF or 47uF 500V axialin_stock$4.99     1600V Ceramic Disc Capacitors    
    2uF 630V axial ...in_stock$4.49     50uF 500V axial in_stock$5.99     .001uF 2KV in_stock$0.25    
    3uF 630V axial ...in_stock$6.49     100uF 500V axial ...in_stock$7.99     .0015uF .in_stock$0.30    
    4uF 630V axial ...in_stock$9.49     500V Electrolytic (Can)     .0022uF .in_stock$0.35    
    4.7uF 630V axial ...in_stock$9.99     (Clamp Mount Type/Solder Lugs)     .0033uF 4KV in_stock$1.99    
    6.8uF 630V axial .in_stock$11.99     100uF 500V Can . in_stock$11.49     .0047uF 2KV in_stock$0.49    
    10uF 630V axial ..in_stock$17.99     150uF 500V Can . in_stock$11.99     .0068uF .in_stock$0.59    
    10uF 630V axial ..in_stock$17.99     250uF 500V Can . in_stock$12.99     .0082uF .in_stock$0.69    
    jb JFX Premium Metallized
    Polypropylene (400V tubular axial)
        350uF 500V Can . in_stock$13.49     .0068 2KV in_stock$0.69    
    1uf 400V axial ...in_stock$2.49     500uF 500V Can . in_stock$18.99     .015uF ..in_stock$0.79    
    1.2uF 400V axial .in_stock$2.89     .     .022uF ..in_stock$0.89    
    1.5uF 400V axial .in_stock$2.99     500V Dual-Section RG & JJ ECaps (Can)     .033uF ..in_stock$0.95    
    2uF 400V axial..in_stock$3.89     (Clamp Mount Type/Solder Lugs)     .047uF ..in_stock$0.99    
    2.2uF 400V axial..in_stock$3.99     10uF+10uF or 16uF+16uF
    500V RG Can Ecap in_stock$9.99
    2.7uF 400V axial..in_stock$5.25     20uF+20uF 500V RG Can Ecap in_stock$14.99     6000V "Tubular Axial" Met'd Poly Film    
    3.3uF 400V axial..in_stock$5.99     22uF+22uF 500V RG Can Ecap in_stock$13.99     470pF 15KV axial in_stock$5.99    
    3.9uF 400V axial..in_stock$7.79     30uF+30uF or 33uF+33uF
    500V RG Can Ecap in_stock$15.99
        .001uF axial . in_stock$5.99    
    4.7uF 400V axial..in_stock$8.49     32uF+32uF 500V JJ Can Ecap in_stock$9.99     .0022uF axial in_stock$4.99    
    5.6uF 400V axial..in_stock$8.99     40uF+40uF 500V RG Can Ecap in_stock$19.99     .0033uF axial in_stock$4.99    
    6.8uF 400V axial..in_stock$9.99     47uF+47uF 500V RG Can Ecap in_stock$19.99     .0047 or .005uF axial in_stock$6.99    
    10uF 400V axial..in_stock$12.99     50uF+50uF 500V RG Can Ecap in_stock$19.99     .015uF axial . in_stock$4.99    
    12uF 400V axial..in_stock$14.99     100uF+100uF 500V JJ Can Ecap in_stock$14.99     SAFETY CAPACITORS    
    15uF 400V axial..in_stock$17.49     600V Electrolytic     X1/Y2 Safety Caps @ 250VAC (disc)    
    18uF 400V axial..in_stock$19.99     2uF 600V axial .. in_stock$1.99     0.001uF 250VAC..in_stock$0.39    
    20uF 400V axial sold out     4uF or 6.8uF 600V axial in_stock$3.49     0.0022uF 250VACin_stock$0.39    
    22uF 400V axial..in_stock$24.99     5uF or 10uF 600V radial in_stock$3.49     0.0033uF 250VAC..Out    
    33uF 400V axial..in_stock$29.99     8uF, 10uF, 12uF or 16uF 600V axial in_stock$4.95     0.0047uF 250VACin_stock$0.49    
    47uF 400V axial.in_stock$39.99     20uF 600V radial ........in_stock$5.99     0.01uF 250VAC ...in_stock$0.69    
    "Polystyrene" Film Tubular Axials
    5% (except under 22pF @ 10%)
        22uF 600V axial . in_stock$5.99     ..    
    @ 630V axial in_stock$3.29
        30uF 600V axial or radial in_stock$7.69     Y2 Safety Caps @ 250VAC (film)    
    68pF,82pF 630V 5% axial in_stock$1.75
        33uF 600V axial in_stock$7.99     0.001uF, 0.002uF, 0.0047uF
    or 0.005uF 250VACin_stock$0.69
    2200pF 630V 5% axial in_stock$1.19
        40uF 600V axial or radial in_stock$7.99     0.01uF 250VAC....in_stock$0.99    
    630V 5% axial in_stock$1.69
        47uF 600V axial in_stock$8.79     0.015uF, 0.02uF 250VAC in_stock$0.99    
    5600pF, 6800pF, 8200pF
    630V 5% axial in_stock$1.99
        50uF 600V axial or radial in_stock$8.99     0.033uF 250VAC..in_stock$1.49    
    10000pF 630V 5% axial in_stock$2.49     80uF 600V axial in_stock$9.99     0.05uF 250VAC..in_stock$1.79    
    1% PRECISION "Polystyrene"
    630V Tubular Axial Capacitors
        80uF 600V axial in_stock$9.99     0.1uF 250VAC....in_stock$1.89    
    1% Precision 630V Axial in_stock$2.39
        100uF 600V axial in_stock$9.99     0.25uF 250VAC ...in_stock$1.99    
    2500pF, 2700pF, 3000pF, 3300uF
    1% Precision 630V Axial in_stock$1.99
        CLAMPS for Can Type E-Caps     X2 Safety Caps @ 275VAC (film)    
    6800pF,7000pF 1% Precision 630V Axial in_stock$2.49
        3/4"(18mm) or 13/16"(20mm) diameterin_stock$0.99     0.001uF, 0.002uF, 0.0047uF 275VAC in_stock$0.49    
    7500pf, 8000pF, 8200pF, 9000pF, 9100pF
    10000pF 1% Precision 630V Axial in_stock$2.99
        1"(25mm), 1 3/16"(30mm) dia. in_stock$1.69     0.005uF 275VAC...in_stock$0.49    
    new 1% PRECISION Premium jb JFX Tubular Axial
    Metallized Polyprepylene (630 Volts)

    For Precision Test Equipment and Audio Circuits
    .01uF, .02uF, .05uF $2.49:
    .1uF $2.99: 1.0uF $3.99: 2.0uF $6.99:
        1 3/8"(35mm) dia. in_stock$1.69     0.01uF 275VAC.in_stock$0.49    
    2% PRECISION Metallized Polypropylene
    630V Tubular Axial for precision circuits

    .01uF, .02uF, .022uF, .033uF, .047uF, .05uF $1.49:
    .1uF $1.79: .25uF $1.99: .5uF $2.49: 1.0uF $2.99: 2.0uF $3.99
        1 9/16"(40mm) dia. in_stock$2.49     0.015uF 275VAC.in_stock$0.49    
    HEAT SHRINK TUBING     1 11/16"(42mm) dia. in_stock$2.49     0.02uF 275VAC.in_stock$0.49    
    8 feet of black 1/16" tubing in_stock$1.98     2" (50mm) diameter in_stock$3.49     0.022uF 275VACin_stock$0.49    
    8 feet of black 1/8" tubing . in_stock$2.98     ....     0.05uF 275VAC...in_stock$0.59    
    8 feet of black 1/4" tubing . in_stock$5.98     .....     0.1uF 275VAC.....in_stock$0.79    
    8 feet of black 1/2" tubing in_stock$8.98     ......     0.25uF 275VAC...in_stock$0.99    
    Total 630V & 400V Film Capacitors
    & Heat Shrink Tubing ($US)
    (A)   Total Electrolytic Capacitors
    and Capacitor Clamps ($US)
    (B)   Total Mica, High Voltage
    & Safety Capacitors ($US)
    Total of above Capacitors : (A+B+C)  
    Total Auricap Audiophile Capacitors  
    Total Resistor Order : (D+E+F+G+H)  
    Total Capacitors & Resistors (minimum order $25 US)  
    Less: 10% discount on "above" if above order exceeds $149.99 US  
    Plus: Cap Kits, Resistor Kits ,Schematics (no discount)  
    Total Order (before shipping). Free shipping if order over $100.00  
    Plus: $8.90 Shipping for orders under $100.00. Free shipping if over $100.00 $8.90 
    GRAND TOTAL (for USA & International Customers) US$  
    Plus: Canadian Customers please add HST/GST (per below rates)  
    GRAND TOTAL $US ( for Canadian Customers ) ________

    HST/GST Rates (for Canadian Customers only)

  • PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador add 15%
  • Ontario add 13%
  • Other Provinces add 5%

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