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·       Love your web site! I have been trying to find a place just like yours and thanks to a plug from “The Radio Shop” I have!  It has been hard to find the high voltage capacitors that you stock at the big name store because they are always back ordered. So keep it up you are greatly needed! Gene W. of OH, USA

·       I spent 2 hours on EBay, then spent 1 hour on Digi-key, then another hour on Mouser, and could not find the Capacitors I need to rebuild a piece of tube based test gear. I found your site and found everything I needed and at a fair price. Thank you guys, I will let all my friends know about your site and when financing allows I will be getting some of your kits! Great job! Joe H. of USA

·        Just wanted to in form you about the electrolytics you just sent. My electronic God tested them on his $20,000 analyzer and they sure emit a great out put …just like the very high dollar "military Spec" ones that cost 5 times more. Just radios is my permanent vender. Thank you Sooooo Much and I am gonna spread the word for you guys. Again…THANKYOU!!!! Don N. of NE,USA ..

·       My capacitor order arrived in this morning’s mail.  It came in perfect shape, was complete to the letter and was nicely packaged.  Thank you sincerely for your efforts on my behalf.  I can now start the rewiring on my vintage Heathkit project. Your business card will be in a place of prominence here in the shop and I anticipate additional orders. By the way I plan on making the other members of our amateur radio club aware of your business since many of us do re-habilitation of old amateur equipment including transmitters, receivers and a variety of test equipment and capacitor finding is like a quest for the Holy Grail in some instances. Allan H. of KY, USA

·       I got my order today which was amazingly fast considering I am in the USA.  Thank you for the quick shipment and the very thorough attention to detail.   I just love buying stuff from you folks because it is always exactly right, great quality and no trouble.  The Excel order form makes it so easy to do what-if scenarios on cost if I'm not sure what it will take to rebuild something.    I like having different options for percentage of precision, axial versus radial and so on.   You always have every possible size there is that a person could ever want.  If you don't carry, they probably don't make it! Thanks again for the excellent service! Stuart M. of MO, USA

·       Thank you again for this online store. The parts house in my city never has the high voltage capacitors I'm looking for and it is nice to be able to make one big order for all of my projects. I am ordering these parts for restoring a GE C403 5 tube radio, the amplifier from a 50's Sparton 3G2 portable record changer, a Fisher 20A power amplifier, and some of the chassis of my grandfather's old Bell and Howell rebadged Voice of Music 720 reel to reel tape recorder. Thanks again for the quality parts and reasonable pricing. Connor W. of ON. Canada

·       After placing the order I read your FAQ on replacing caps in vintage radios. There was a mention of asking for some free heat shrink tubing to cover the exposed leads. I would much appreciate some tubing. I'm a 63 year old Ham and electronics nut. The caps are for restoration on a mid-60's Lafayette Comsat 25 CB Transceiver. Dave, thank you for providing a reasonable cost outlet for replacement caps. You are providing a cool service for us radio restorers. Really, excellent job! I'm retired on a fixed income. You have made it possible for me to bring life to a radio that I once dreamed of, as a 12 year old, after seeing in a Lafayette Radio catalog (it was way cool as it had 25 channels vs 23)! Mike M. of OR, USA                        

·       Hi Dave, Thank you very much ! I will be buying more and yes I have looked at buying kits from you in the future once I figure out what I’m doing. You are the premier supplier for our hobby and have earned my respect because you know what we need and have excellent knowledge and sell top products and have a very useful web site (excellent for beginners like me). I am new at this and I know people shop the internet and find slightly cheaper prices but your service care and honesty is what I and others look for (hard to find these days). You are highly recommended by the majority of readers I see on the forums and that means allot to me. If you ever wander this far south and into or around the middle of NC let me know ! I hope you have a good holiday and thank you again very much for your support. Robin E. of NC, USA

·       I received the package today and must say everything was well labeled.  I like how the capacitors with the cryptic letters and numbers were cross referenced to the values on the packaging slip, re-order form, and a business card.  I am happy from order to receipt with the parts and your communication.  I asked questions, you answered, and I learned.  I’m new to making old radios work and your answers helped quite a bit.  I may have gotten a few of the parts a bit cheaper but would never get the shared knowledge and clear labeling you provided.  I wish you and your business all the best. Thomas K. of TX, USA

·        Just wanted to let you know the capacitors arrived today. I am impressed at how nice they look. It will dress up my HBR-16 and HBR-14 very nice. I will definitely purchase more from you in the future. Bob C. of WV, USA

·       We received this order yesterday. That was quite awesome service from USPS. Your operation is first class from our perspectives in the electronic restoration hobby. Dave G. of PA, USA

·         My capacitor set (electrolytic #8) arrived yesterday and wanted to thank you for the quick ship.  You came with great recommendations from two YouTube electronics repair video bloggers Mike (MikesRadioRepair) and Buddy (The Radio Shop) who buy caps from you routinely. Thanks again, you’ll be my first look for any caps I need in the future! Dino P. of VA, USA

·         I just wanted to take a moment here to thank you so much regarding your customers.  I am very new to repairing vintage tube radios and need all the help I can get.  The thing I really appreciate is you writing the actual value of the capacitors on the bags.  This practice has saved me several times in the past when I incorrectly read the value printed on the capacitor wrong and would have installed the wrong capacitor.  This old brain at age 71 needs all the help it can get.  I also very much appreciate the information on capacitors that is found on your website.  I get a very good feeling in repairing radios and your efforts are responsible for getting that feeling.  Just thought you and your wife should know how much appreciated your efforts are. Don E. of OH,USA

·       You may not know this, but you may be the only place in the world where we can acquire single and multiple quantities of a variety of caps, for an extraordinarily low price and convenience. You're as miraculous as some of my repairs have turned out to be. Frank R. of AB, Canada

·       First order so I thought I would let your know…I received the parcel yesterday, that was excellent speed (7 days to Australia). And the items are fabulous, I'm very happy with the quality! I hope your business is going well and look forward to making future orders. Peter S. of Australia 

·       Order was received and perfect.
I appreciate the business.
Reason for this email is to let you know that I am going to feature “justradios.com" in my next YouTube video.
The capacitors I ordered are for the restoration of a Vintage HP 410a VTVM and an Eico 315 signal generator.  I did miss one capacitor in the 410a that I will have to order on my next order. There was an add on circuit in the vtvm and had no schematic on it.  Finally found the schematic for the add on mod and the capacitor that was in the unit was in too bad a shape to read. I later found it to be a .05 at 250 volts thanks to Mike at mikesradiorepair on YouTube.  Now I will have to make out another order and try and restock my capacitor bin also.
I read your story on why you guys sale capacitors and I am very happy to see you do what you are doing.  I restore vintage RF stuff and test equipment including ham radios.
Thanks for providing a great service! Buddy Mclawhorn (The Radio Shop) NC,
USA (www.youtube.com/theradioshop)

·       I have on to many occasions ordered parts from other suppliers and waited and wondered where the heck my parts are. I am requesting a tracking number for my order or I will cancel immediately and re order from somewhere else. I need a constant parts flow for customers and have no time for guesswork. Please provide info immediately or will contact PayPal and open a case for return of my funds. Thank you in advance for quickly resolving this issue. communication is everything ... Judith M. of RI, USA
JustRadios received the above feedback from Judith 5 minutes after we received her $27.98 order.

·        I was born in 1974, but I am definitely a throwback.  I don’t give a hoot and a holler for this modern age of egg shaped fuel efficient vehicles, and strangulating government over reach.  Culture is a complete nauseating mess! I yearn for simplicity and a reality that gives us a little breathing room.  I restore antique radios and televisions, because it gives me an inner calm that my job is continually robbing from me.  I kind of wish I could segue into a career like yours.  Despite my envy, I'm glad you and your wife are there.  I have brought life back to many radios and televisions thanks to your service!  Thank you so much for being there! Paul E. of NH, USA 




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