500 Volt Single-Section Can Electrolytic Capacitors
( clamp mount type with copper solder lugs )
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Features and Specifications:

  • All Electrolytics are new "factory fresh" stock. We do not sell NOS (new old stock).
  • Working Voltage (WVDC) is 500Volts.  (It is perfectly fine to replace lower Voltage such as 475 Volts, 450 Volts, 385 Volts, etc with 500V).
  • Low impedance / Low ESR / Wide Frequency Range.
  • Withstand high ripple current.
  • Ideal for: Music Industry Applications; Hi-End Electronics; Power Supplies (filter capacitors); Industrial Electronics.
  • Solder Tag Connections (ideal for hand wired circuits). These are not snap-in type.
  • uF Sizes: 250uF; 350uF and 500uF. Dimensions available. Dimensions also per below chart.
  • Clamp Mounted. Clamps are sold separately.....use 1"(25mm) diameter for 100uF currently sold out. Use 1 3/16"(30mm) clamp for 250uF. Use 1 3/8" (35mm) diameter clamp on 350uF and 500uF. Yes, we also sell clamps. See Capacitor Clamps for Vertical Mount Can type Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Construction: Aluminum Case and tin plated Copper Solder Lugs.
  • Blue PVC Sleeve Insulation (with black lettering). 
  • Operating temperature: -25C to +85C.
  • Dissipation Factor: .25 (120Hz, 20C)
  • Leakage Current: I=0.03CV+15(uA) (Whichever is smaller after 5 minutes)
  • Diameter: 1 3/16"(30mm) for 250uF. 1 3/8"(35mm) for 350uF & 500uF.
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified
  • Capacitance tolerance: +/- 20% (120Hz, 20C).
  • 100% RoHS Compliant

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On sale are single-section 500 volt Can electrolytic capacitors. These 500 volt single-section electrolytic capacitors are clamp mount type with tin plated Copper solder lug terminals. These high quality single-section electrolytic capacitors excel is music industry applications such as high power stereos, guitar and bass amps, audio amplifiers, radio-phono combinations,  juke boxes, televisions, HAM radios,  etc.  Applications include: Tube Based Electronics; Hi-End Audio Electronics; Power Supplies (filter capacitors) and Industrial Electronics.  These 500V Ecaps are made by Richey Electronics (REL). Richey, a leading manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors has been making high quality electrolytic Capacitors for almost 50 years (since being incorporated in Nashville, Tennessee in 1965).

These Can capacitors are clamp mount type and are easy to mount with capacitor clamps (YES...WE ALSO SELL CLAMPS).

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uF/MFD @ Voltage & Lead Type Size in Inches Size in Millimeters Temp. Rating
250uF at 500V Can Electrolytic (solder lugs)in_stock
Uses 1 3/16 inch (30mm) Capacitor Clamp.
1 3/16 by 1 13/16 30 by 46 85C
350uF at 500V Can Electrolytic (solder lugs)in_stock
Uses 1 3/8 inch (35mm) Capacitor Clamp.
1 3/8 by 1 13/16 35 by 46 85C
500uF at 500V Can Electrolytic (solder lugs)in_stock
Uses 1 3/8 inch (35mm) Capacitor Clamp.
1 3/8 by 2 3/16 35 by 55 85C
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