X2 SAFETY and INTERFERENCE SUPPRESSION Capacitors for Tube Electronics

Features and Specifications:

X2 Safety/Interference Suppression Film Capacitors are specifically made for high voltage AC (alternating current) applications. X2 safety capacitors can safely be used as across the line / line filter capacitors and antenna coupling capacitors in vintage tube electronics. These safety certified capacitors can also improve the performance of your radios/hi-fi's/Amps/TV's due to their NOISE INTERFERENVE SUPPRESSION characteristics. Back when your vintage tube electronics were manufactured there was a lot less noise interference and X2 safety capacitors had not been invented. You can improve the safety, reliability and performance your tube electronics by replacing your old/original paper/wax across-the -line / line filter capacitors with new safety approved capacitors. If you have not used safety capacitors before, here is a link to ABC's of Line Filter Safety Capacitors.
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