Baldwin_organ_schematics Schematics and Service Info for Baldwin Electronic Tube Organs

Schematics and Service Data

If you are restoring a vintage Baldwin Tube Organ we have schematics and complete service information for several models/series. (Please see below list) You get high quality copies of "Baldwin Factory" service information, which includes: all schematics, block diagram, chassis layout, tuning info, disassembly instructions, organ specifications, parts list, photos, etc.

Will you require parts to restore / repair your electronic tube organ? We carry a complete line of high voltage capacitors for vintage organs. These are the same type of capacitors that tube radios use.

How to Order Service Information

Schematics/Service Info by Organ model can be ordered via credit card or Paypal via below Add to Cart Button

Model Number:

Please check the below list to see if we carry service data for the series of your Baldwin organ. Cost per organ is cost is $29.99 US. This price includes quality copy service and "world-wide" airmail postage.
Payment by check, PO/MO should be made payable to:

Dave and Babylyn Cantelon
6 Ferncrest Gate, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, M1W_1C2

Canadian residents mailing payment please add the applicable HST/GST.

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Schematics / Service Data is available for the below Series of Baldwin Organs:

  • 5
  • 5A
  • 30P
  • 40
  • 41P
  • 45
  • 45C - 45H2
  • 46C
  • 46H
  • 51P
  • 54
  • 61A-P
  • 61P
  • 71P
  • Tempomate

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