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amplifier_schematics Vintage PA, Audio and Guitar Amplifier Schematics and Service Data

We carry schematic diagrams and service data for vintage PA, Guitar and Audio Amplifiers. Retore your vintage tube audio amplifiers, guitar and PA / public address amplifiers with the help of schematic / circuit diagrams and service data.

Vintage PA, Guitar and Audio Amplifier Schematics

We carry schematic diagrams / service information for vintage PA (public address), guitar and bass amplifiers and tube powered audio amplifiers. Schematics are available for audio amplifiers made by David Bogen, Operadio, RCA, Lafayette, Rauland, Ampicall, Sears Roebuck, Silvertone, Masco and many other PA and audio amplifier manufacturers of the past. Please see below for list of all PA / Audio Amplifier Makes covered

Amplifier service information typically includes schematic, parts list, voltage readings and chassis layout.

We also carry USA, Canadian and European Antique Radio Schematics

How to Order PA / Guitar / Audio Amplifier Schematics

Feel free to e-mail us at and we will let you know if we have a schematic diagram your vintage PA / Guitar / Audio Amplifier. Please tell us 4 things...(1) Brand, (2) Chassis/ Model #, (3) age (4) where made. Cost per tube based schematic is $8 US or $10 Cdn. These prices include postage to USA and Canada. Canadian residents please add the applicable HST/GST. You can pay online with credit card via Paypal or 2CheckOut. You can also send check or PO/MO payable to:

David and Babylyn Cantelon, 6 Ferncrest Gate, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, M1W_1C2

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